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Born in London, England with Caribbean roots she was never quite fond of English literature taught in the schooling systems. There was no connection with the people she studied and who she was. Later she went on a self-discovery which included frequently travelling alone which enabled her to learn and adapt to new cultures.
Through these experiences her mind opened, she became more enlightened about the world.

Upon reading a poet on Twitter who inspired her (@voice) her heart shifted towards the arts. She wrote her first poem in 2017 and ever since has been writing. It became a freedom of expression which many related to, and slowly she began putting her work on the internet. She started with Write Out Loud and had many users commended her for the profound eloquence of her writing. 

She hopes to become a published author one day with a book on the compilation of her  poetry.

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Where can you access my poetry?

A collection of my poetry can be found by clicking on the Twitter and Instagram button at the footer or on my Write Out Loud page 



Notebook and Pen

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Robert Nesta Marley 


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